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We are helping men take control of their mental health. It starts with community.
If you're struggling and need to speak with someone immediately, contact Lifeline on 0800 543 354
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1 in 8 men will experience depression in their lifetime

Millennial men like us are among the highest risk groups when it comes to anxiety and depression. So, we’re doing something about it.

Brave Lads offers community, expert advice, and resources to help men improve their mental health and well being. It’s about embracing what connects us, and supporting each other on a journey towards better mental health.

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Be happy and healthy, man.

Like minded


It all starts with the community. Connecting with like-minded lads navigating their way through life is at the heart of what we are all about.

Check us out on Facebook.
Check us out on Facebook.
Great Minds


We are bringing together experts in the field of mental health and well being, to provide you with products, services, resources and tools. Everyone is different, so it’s about finding what works for you.

Partners & Affiliates
Partners & Affiliates

The Retreat

We’re taking this show on the road. We want to shake hands and share an adventure with you. The Brave Lads Retreat is designed with mental healthiness in mind.

Learn more
Learn more
Products and Services

The Store

The Brave Lads store is where you’ll find products and services designed to improve mental health. No gimmicks, just honest products we have hand-crafted to support you.

Visit the Store
Visit the Store
Brave Lads donates 5% of all profit to our mental health organisation of the month


Feeling the strain in 2020? Who isn’t? It’s a weird and wild world we live in. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about your current situation, here are a couple of excellent resources.

Mentemia - Helping Kiwis cope & thrive through Covid-19

Melon - Self-care and support for NZers during Covid-19

I want to feel happier with myself
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I'm overwhelmed and want to learn how to cope better
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I'm worrying about money
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My daughter/friend/colleague is struggling and I don't know how to help her
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I can't remember the last time I woke up refreshed and energised
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I want to feel sharper and more productive through the day
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