Joshua Armitage

Joshua Armitage

Josh has a background in sports and exercise science. He has worked as a personal trainer, managed gyms, and started his own food manufacture and export company.He’s practically an Instagram celebrity and most importantly, a Brave Lad.

When Rakeeb began formulating the concept for Brave Lads, Josh was his first call.

I’ve gone through some difficult times myself and I see Brave Lads as an opportunity to help other guys that are struggling. I’ve been to some dark places, which made me take a hard look at my own mental health. Meditation, exercise, practicing gratitude, and building better relationships are all things that have helped me and continue to do so.It’s these experiences and lessons that inspired me to co-found Brave Lads.It’s an ongoing process, but I’ve found a path forward and I want to inspire others to do the same.”

Other Team Members

Rakeeb Hussein
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